jeddah sports city

The Necklace of Gems concept celebrates the man-made environment and the endless possibilities of technology
The concept is about objects in the landscape and the journey to these destinations. The landscape is contemporary and structured creating fields of color and sweeping corridors of filtered light and shadows. The landscape inspiration draws from invention and intervention creating a whimsical “Cloud Forest” of structured trees and misting poles; light dances on a filigree of perforated surfaces; shade is provided from playful solar panel canopies. The possibilities are as endless as the celestial heavens…

The Wadi Dune concept celebrates the natural environment and our emotional connection to the earth
The landscape emerges from the surrounding desert gradually becoming more intensely green along the wadi’s edge. The selection of trees and vegetation draws from the more indigenous plantings found along the natural wadi valleys.
The experience is about the active journey as the visitor moves along the continuous fluid paths undulating beside and over the water. The paths open up to a series of oases, each with a different character and feel. One discovers a cool shaded respite under the sweeping overhangs of the organic building structures; a moment of repose on a stone bench at the water’s edge; or a welcome relief under a large canopy in the open green park.