valley fair lux

Westfield Valley Fair Lux

Located in Silicon Valley, Westfield Valley Fair, one of the nation’s best performing malls, is undergoing a series of upgrades to create the ultimate high-end retail experience. Taking inspiration from the Silicon Valley lifestyle for the design of the LUX landscape and the newly renovated dining terrace, [place] integrated natural and raw materials with a casual but elegant palette of ornamental grasses and colorful drought tolerant plants. A feathering of the new hardscape into the landscape creates a softer but more sophisticated edge between the parking and the LUX retail storefronts. Included in the landscape scope of work [place] designed the new mall entry, including lighting and bench seating within the planting area, landscaped level changes and planters at the retail storefronts, valet drop-off and outdoor waiting area, and the exterior and interior landscape for the newly enhanced 23,000 square feet of indoor/outdoor dining terrace.