[place]  is a design studio based upon collaboration, synergy, and integrity.  Our unique perspective working in both architecture and landscape adds value throughout the design and construction process in anticipation of the whole project.  We commit to providing innovative design backed by efficient and responsive project management.  As a principal, Victoria is actively involved in the design and execution of each project ensuring consistency of quality and attention to detail.

We envision a practice in which architecture and landscape are not separate and apart, but are instead integrated and symbiotic. We see opportunity for invention at the boundary between inside/outside, and private space/public space. Architecture and landscape can interweave, opening one onto the other, to create broader opportunities for social interaction and quiet contemplation.

As stewards of the earth we acknowledge our responsibility to nurture and sustain the ecology we inhabit. We strive through an investigation of our ecosystem, materials and technology to achieve a design of innovation, inspiration and balance.